Sunday, October 23, 2011

beautiful baby M

I'm behind in editing, but I had to share atleast one of this lil beauty! 
More to come soon!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mr. O

Hey.. Mom, Dad- parents of this exceptionally cute kid below.... ummm... Can I have him???? 
Well... even though I'm sure they won't let me have him, it was worth a try :}
He is sooo cute, sooo full of energy, sooo (wanting to be) independent, and sooo 2!
I personally love the terrible two's! Seriously, I do!  And he is the perfect reason why.
Just look at that adorable face!  I could have kissed his cheeks the entire time... but, I am sure his parents {and him} would have thought I was CrAzY... so I resisted.

I took lots of pictures, and although many are like this one below... {which I kind of, totally love}
There are tons of super cute ones too!

Hope you enjoy your sneak peek and I  can't wait to meet your new little one soon!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

ABC sneak peek

The whole alphabet will be completed from a combination of maternity and newborn photos.
It's gonna be super cute...  just you wait and see :}


Yesterday- I had the pleasure of meeting an amazing couple.
Yesterday- I was able to capture a memory for them.
Yesterday- reminded me of why I truly LOVE photography.

After our session, I sat at my computer uploading all of the photos, my house was so quiet {very unusual} I took a moment to reflect on what I had just captured... 2 people, very much in love, about to welcome their first child, in just a few short weeks they will "officially" be parents... and without a doubt, they are going to be amazing! 

More to come.. soon!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Baby Gear

If you haven't checked out Sassy McTaffy yet you really must do it.. soon!  She has some of the cutest new baby products in her etsy shop.  Here are a few of the items I love...

Baby hUGG boots... umm.. how cute are they??

Super Cute Carseat Canopies..........

And soooo much more!!!
Check out Sassy McTaffy to see the rest of the goodies!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Talkin' bout craziness!!!

Wow... K where the heck did summer go?
It flew by so fast!  Is was a great summer though!
Tons of swimming + lots of laughs with my kids + unforgettable memories.... and of course lots of babies in front of my camera... = amazing summer!

I am so thankful for everyone who has let me capture their sweet babies, it means so much to me that you have trusted me to capture those fleeting moments.

Also, Can I just say I LOVE southern Utah...
Everyone has been so welcoming to us, we love living here!!

Back to the CrAzInEsS...

Well my photoshop decided to stop working a few weeks ago... A non-functioning Photoshop is a digital photographers nightmare... and my nightmare came true.  Happy to say that after countless hours on the phone with people who barely speak English, I am back up and running.  {So sorry to the family I kept waiting on announcements} 

And of course BACK to SCHOOL...
it seems like the first week of school is always hectic, but having a child that has some pretty severe Anxiety is so hard.  My heart breaks for my girl everyday, I watch her {try to} cope with her anxiety and panic attacks every morning before school, I want to take away her pain, but I can't.... and that is so hard.  I am thankful to supportive teachers who actually understand what severe anxiety does to a child.
My child was a victim of bullying for more than 2 years, she is scarred on the inside.. I am afraid forever.  Parents- please stay on top of your school's bully prevention program, make sure they are following through with appropriate lessons, and that there are "real" consequences for bullying. 

Back to Business..
I am going to try to spend the week updating my new blog with my new email address, links, prices and all that good stuff.  I am still using the old email, sorry if you haven't heard from me in the last week, again.. life has been crazy.  I will respond to all your emails within the next 24 hours. :)

Watch for fun, new posts coming soon!